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If your boiler is broken down or on its last legs, then a new model will heat your home more efficiently and cut your heating costs significantly.

All installations include a power-flush to clean the sludge out of your system and a controls upgrade to bring the control of your system up to modern standards.

Costs and Benefits

The cost of a boiler replacement depends on many factors, but a typical installation will cost about £2,800. A modern boiler is about 20% more efficient than an old model and with normal weather and standard occupancy, you should save £200-£300 per year*.

If you are switching from a more expensive fuel to gas, then your savings will be considerably more.

Materials and Guarantee

ecologic-energy only installs high quality boilers. We are accredited by Benchmark as a PAS2030 installer.


Installation for a typical home takes less than 2 days.

*Figures from the independent advice site, Energy Saving Trust.

Technical Guidance

 Replacement Boiler and Full Central Heating

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