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Grants and Loans

The Energy Company Obligation -  ECO

ECO is a grant scheme funded by the fuel suppliers. The scheme will change in April 2017 and the new scheme is described here (as best we can at this time).

There are two different obligations, CERO and HHCRO.

  1. CERO is open to every household of any tenure in the UK. It will fund cavity wall, solid wall and/or loft insulation. And if you install one of these measures there are a number of additional insulation measures available, including flat roof and floor insulation. 2017/18 is likely to be the last year CERO is available.
  2. HHCRO is the only obligation that will fund heating as well as insulation. It is only  open to private sector tenants and homeowners in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

The amount of grant you get depends upon the ECO Score calculated at the time of the initial assessment. The ECO Score is expressed in “tonnes of carbon” for CERO and as “fuel cost saving” for HHCRO.

Fuel Suppliers then offer a rate for each unit of the ECO Score. These rates change continuously and so it is difficult to give an accurate grant figure prior to an actual assessment. However, from our experience we can give you some guidance.

To start the process you will need an assessment. See our Assessment page or Contact Us to arrange a visit.

Link to the Energy Saving Trust Guide to the ECO scheme

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