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Heat is lost principally through the walls and roof of the home. If these are un-insulated then you will be paying a lot for wasted heat. Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are quick, cheap and easy. And you will get your money back in 3 years or less, particularly as grants are sometimes available making these measures very good value for money.

If you have solid walls and/or a flat roof, then insulation is more expensive to install, but grants and loans may be available to reduce this cost considerably, making these measures quite attractive in many circumstances.

It is therefore very worthwhile checking out our Grants and Loans page to see how much help you can get. Every home is different and so will need an assessment to access  this finance. ecologic-energy can advise you on this and can offer a complete package from assessment to completion.


If you heat your home with electricity or coal then you may want to consider switching to gas as it is a much cheaper fuel. If you already have gas central heating and your boiler is more than 10 years old then it is probably inefficient and you can reduce your heating costs by 20% or more by changing to a modern, efficient model. ecologic-energy can offer you a complete solution to high fuel bills through insulation and heating, or if your boiler has stopped working, we can simply replace it for you.

The best place to start is by looking at our Grants and Loans page to see what help is available.

Technical Guidance

Saving Energy

Solid Wall brickwork      Cavity Wall brickwork

pattern has short ends  pattern only has the

visible (headers).           long face showing.

If it is rendered assume that it is a solid wall.

Solid Wall or Cavity?

Grants and Loans